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How does Get a Room integrate with Microsoft work or school accounts (Active Directory)?

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Get a Room supports sign in from Microsoft work or school accounts:

Microsoft work or school accounts are typically assigned to end users (employees, students, federal employees) by their organizations (company, school, government agency). These accounts are either mastered directly in the cloud, in the Azure AD platform, or synced to Azure AD from an on-premises directory, such as Windows Server Active Directory. Microsoft is the custodian of the work or school accounts, but the accounts are owned and controlled by the organization.

Users are onboarded automatically when signing in for the first time to Get a Room. The automated onboarding process is totally transparent to the end-user.

In order to use your work or school accounts with Get a Room, we simply need to associate your domain(s) with your Get a Room account. Once your domain(s) have been associated your end-users will then be able to sign in and use Get a Room with a single click.

Signing in is simple: From the Get a Room login page just click "Sign in with Microsoft".

If you have additional questions about using your Microsoft work or school account (also known as Active Directory or Azure AD) with Get a Room then please just email us.